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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Five+Five Days of Sicily 2017, Week 2, Day 5 (2017-10-13)
Friday 13 October 2017
Selinunte, PWT Italia, Italy
Very hard weather to run. 8th drove me crazy. Beginning is nice, green after 5th control is something wild! Very hard running on d...
Five+Five Days of Sicily 2017, Week 2, Day 4 (2017-10-12)
Thursday 12 October 2017
Erice, PWT Italia, Italy
Perfect sprint city
Five+Five Days of Sicily 2017, Week 2, Day 3 (2017-10-10)
Tuesday 10 October 2017
Gibellina, PWT Italia, Italy
Crazy terrain! You need to see it! Google "Cretto di Burri"
Five+Five Days of Sicily 2017, Week 2, Day 2 (2017-10-09)
Monday 9 October 2017
Ficuzza, PWT Italia, Italy
Very slow running in green parts, fast & fun in white. Mapping is great! Huge mistakes - control 1 & 9
Five+Five Days of Sicily 2017, Week 2, Day 1 (2017-10-08)
Sunday 8 October 2017
Sciacca, PWT Italia, Italy
Quite a hilly, some interesting routechoices, especially in the beginning
Belarus DUK Cup Sprint (2017-09-24)
Sunday 24 September 2017
Pavlov Park, OC Silwan Liuks, Belarus
Belarus DUK cup Middle (2017-09-23)
Saturday 23 September 2017
Lahoysk-2, OC Silwan Liuks, Belarus
Belarus Championships Relay (2017-08-13)
Sunday 13 August 2017
Mazyrskiya Yary, Gomel Regon Orienteering Federation, BFO, Belarus
relay, leg 1
Belarus Sprint Chapionships Qualification (2017-08-12)
Saturday 12 August 2017
MSPU named after Shamyakin, Gomel Region Orienteering Federation, BFO, Belarus
Праздничный рогейн (2017-08-05)
Saturday 5 August 2017
р. Ислочь (д. Падневичи - д. Курдуны - д. Пряльник, Семья Павловых, Belarus
Martin Kronlund 2017 Middle (2017-03-19)
Sunday 19 March 2017
Canto Redondo-2, Alabarda-O, Spain
Martin Kronlund 2017 Sprint (2017-03-18)
Saturday 18 March 2017
San Martin de Valdeiglesias, Alabarda-O, Spain
Martin Kronlund 2017 Long (2017-03-18)
Saturday 18 March 2017
Canto Redondo, Alabarda-O, Spain